50 (best) High Paying Affiliate programs for Bloggers

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In today’s post, I will show you 10 most profitable blogging niches and 50 High Paying Affiliate programs for bloggers and affiliates marketers.

Choosing a profitable niche is essential if you want to make money online, whether you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer or even a product creator. If you don’t choose a niche which is profitable, you will have problems with monetization.

Today, I want to show you some of the most profitable niches on the internet so you can start a blog and make money. I will also list 50 affiliate programs that will reward you handsomely if you promote their products to your niche audience.

 In addition, you will also download 201 most profitable niches to help you target a more specific audience – that’s where the money is.

If you are ready to choose a niche right now, come closer to your computer screen.

What are the most profitable niches on the Internet?

Let’s find out…

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Market worth: $80 Billion
  • Competition: Moderate

SEO is one of the most profitable niches on the internet, with a worth of USD $80billion. That means there is a lot of money to be made. However, competing with big companies like Eric Enge and  Jeff Quipp Will be a little problem if you do not have enough knowledge on this topic.

SEO Affiliate Programs to join

1. SEMRush Affiliate program (BeRush)

Semrush is a 3-in-one marketing software that covers SEO, SEM and SMM. It pays affiliates as high as 40% commission each time they bring in a paying customer.

Their commission is also recurring. That means, each time a customer renews their subscription, you will also be paid your 40% commission.

2. linkAble Affiliate Programe

LinkAble is a platform that pays as high as 50% commission for referring a customer. Since their service requires yearly membership subscription, you should expect an extra 50% every year the person you refer reviews their subscription.

3. Long tail pro Affiliate Program

Long-tail Pro is one of the best keyword research tools out there. It pays you 30% of each sale you help them generate. The approval process is so easy. And because people conduct keyword research every day, you should expect more money.

4. SERPstat Affiliate Program

Serpstat is an SEO tool very similar to SEMRush. Their affiliate program will pay you 30% recurring commission if you refer a paying customer.

5. KWFinder Affiliate Program

KWFinder is another keyword research tool that will pay you a 30% recurring commission once you start promoting them and driving the sales.


  • Market worth: $1.22 Trillion
  • Competition: High

Insurance is one of the most profitable Niches in our list. With a market worth of over USD $1.22 Trillion. Even if you don’t want to use affiliate marketing to monetize, AdSense pays you as high as USD $17 per click.

To be honest, there is much competition here. If you want to tap into this market, you should target a more specific audience, like; “Insurance for kids” or anything similar.

Insurance affiliate programs to join

1. EHealth affiliate program

EHealth insurance will pay you up to USD $75 commission for bringing in a client. They have more than 10,000 health insurance products, so finding a product to promote will not be a problem.

2. HCC medical Insurance

HCCMI sells international travel medical insurance for group or individuals leaving their home country. They pay their affiliates 8% – 13% commission for referring a client.

3. LADDER LIFE Affiliate Program

LADDER is a fast-growing company solving bigger problems. Their affiliate program will pay you up to USD $50 for referring a friend, and up to USD $1,000 for referring client from California.

4. Esurance

Esurance uses Commission Junction to manage their affiliate program, which means you have to create an account with CJ Affiliate before you can promote their product.

5. Pet First Affiliate program

Pet First affiliate program provides its affiliates with banner and text ads they can use on their blogs and email campaigns.  They can pay affiliates as high as 8% commission when their referral traffic converts.

Real Estate

  • Market Worth: $228 Trillion
  • Competition: High

Real estate is the world’s largest market today, valued over USD USD $228 trillion. There is a huge sum of money to make. However, it may not be easy to start a blog on this niche especially if you are starting for the first time.

Real estate Affiliate programs

1. Real Estate Express

Real estate express is offering an affiliate program where you can easily earn up to 25% commission on every customer you refer to them. They have a cookie life of one hundred days, which means, if someone clicks through your affiliate link and makes a purchase even after 99 days, you still get paid for it.

2. Buildium

Another real estate affiliate program that pays up to 25% recurring commission is Buildium. Affiliates can sign up through commission junction or ShareASale to participate.

3. Foreclosure

If you are looking for a real estate affiliate program that has a longer cookie duration, then, forclosure is here for you. They have a six months cookie duration and pays up to 25% commission to affiliates who bring in a paying customer.

4. Zilpy

Affiliates can get up to 30% when they refer a customer to Zilpy real estate. Zilpy pays out every month through PayPal, and their cookies last for 30 days.

5. Property M.O.B

If you are running a blog on real estate niche, property M.O.B is a perfect place to start your affiliate journey. You will be paid 25% of the money you help them generate through your affiliate link. And again, their commission is recurring.

Health & Wellness

  • Market worth: $4.2 Trillion
  • Competition: Medium

Health & Wellness is a very large market, and also very profitable. The market worth is valued USD USD $4.2 trillion, which proves that there is money to be made here. This market requires a certain level of knowledge, you should at least be able to talk to people about their health and what to do to stay healthy.

Promoting health and wellness products like food supplements, home medical equipment, etc. will definitely bring in a lot of money because these are things people need to stay alive.

The health and wellness market is competitive though, but if you can produce very helpful contents, you are going to make a lot of money.

Health & Wellness Affiliate Programs

1. Leadbit

Leadbit is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks, covering over 30 countries. “Health Category” is the largest in their program, so you will be given a whole lot of products to promote. Products range from hair growth products, weight loss products, Breast and penis enlargement products, etc.


Affiliate on this platform earns commission up to USD $30 per sale and there is an option to request payment instantly if your website has a good reputation and decent traffic. They have various health products you can choose to promote, and their commission rate is very impressive.

3. Nutri Profits

Nutri is one of the best affiliate programs on the health and wellness niche. Affiliate marketers can receive up to 40% commission per sale, up to 20% commission per transaction made by a returning customer you referred earlier.

4. Market Health

Market health commission rate is about USD $45 CPA (cost per action) and 50% share in the revenue. That means you have more than half of the money your customer pays them. There are more than 200 health products that you can promote.

5. Sell Health

Sell health affiliate program provides only health-related products. Each product page is written in a way that best describes the product and tends to convert any traffic that lands on them. Affiliates on this platform can receive up to 50% commission when they refer a paying customer.

Fitness & Sports

  • Market worth: $171 billion
  • Competition: medium

Everybody likes sports, and everybody wants to stay fit. Fitness alone is a 100 billion dollar industry and a lot of people have been intentionally staying fit for thousands of years.

Starting a blog on this niche will attract a lot of attention, and eventually make a  lot of money. You can sell items like gym equipment among others.

some affiliate programme to monetize this niche market:

1. AV affiliate

All volleyball affiliate programme pays up to 5% commission on all sales up to USD $250 and then a flat rate of USD $30 per sale. Volleyball is one of the world’s most popular sports with over 800 million people taking part in it. Promoting volleyball equipment will fetch you a lot of money.

2. Driftsun

Driftsun is a new supplier of Kayaks, Paddle Boards, wake surf and skin boards. They pay up to 10% commission to anyone who sells their products. That means, for every USD $350 worth product you sell, you should expect a commission of USD $35.

3. Titan Fitness

Titan is a company that sells a range of products that will appeal to people who like carrying heavy weights objects, as you have guessed, Boxers and muscle builders. Their 5% commission rate might put some people away, but it’s typically what you can get from this Niche. A single sale can bring in up to USD $50.

4. National Agency for sports medicine

NAOSM is aimed at people who are already-fit and tend to coach others. So, it might not be a typical affiliate programme to join, but you can be paid up to USD $25 for every potential student you send to them.

5. Hickies

Hickies affiliate programme offers a 20% commission to affiliates who refer a customer to them. You can easily promote their offer to people outside the United States as well, as they have dedicated sites for both US and UK.

Travel and Leisure

  • Market worth: $8.27 trillion
  • Competition: medium

People travel a lot, and travellers spend a lot of money too. People are searching for a cheap flight, accommodations, cheap hotels, etc. and you can suggest for them and make a lot of money on the process.

Travel is one of the most profitable niches, valued USD $8.27 trillion and there is much opportunity to have a cut for yourself.

Here are some affiliate programs on Travel niche to join

1. Booking.com

Booking.com is free and easy to sign up an affiliate program for travel bloggers. They have an offer based commission model, you can expect t0 get from 30% – 50%.

They also have a WordPress plugin that easily integrates bookings.com search bar on a WordPress website.

2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a very popular website where people who want to travel come to read reviews, recommendations and booking advice. However, they offer an affiliate program where they pay their affiliates as high as 50% commission on every sale generated through their affiliate link.

3. Agoda

Agoda affiliate program is open to anyone who has a blog to join. Their approval process is manual and can take up to 48 hrs. if you are finally approved, they will pay up to 60% commission when you refer a customer.

4. AirB&B

AirB&B is not a direct affiliate program, it is a referral programme. Don’t worry, they are both sides of the same coin!

In the referral program, instead of earning cash, you will be rewarded with points which you can still use to buy products on the same platform or convert to cash.

AirB&B referral program rewards you with points worth USD $72 for every successful payment you referred.

5. Travel payout

Travel payout is one of those affiliate programs that pay as high as 80%. They cover large range travel services like flights, car rentals, hotels, insurance, transfers and much more.

Online Dating

  • Market worth: $3 billion
  • Competition: low

What’s really happening in the dating industry? At first, you may think it’s not the best place for bloggers to make money, but the honest truth is this niche is very profitable. A lot of people are looking for ways to find “LOVE”, but they don’t know-how.

You can easily make money on this niche by blogging on topics related to how to find love.

Here are some affiliate programs to join:

1. eHamony

even if you have never experienced online dating, you should be familiar with this name; “eHomony”. They have been online since 1997, that makes them one of the oldest online dating platform.

eHamony is responsible for over 2 million people finding love so far on the internet. Matching at least one happy couple 14 minutes. That’s why it’s a very popular one.

2. match

match.com is another online dating site with a good reputation. Their service has been on for more 24 years and has succeeded in matching over 3 million happy couples.

Their affiliate commission is super impressive. You should be sure of banking USD $25 every time you refer a new member.

3. Single parents Meets

Single parents meet is one of those online dating websites where you can get up to 50% commission when you bring in a customer. Their website is designed for single mums and dads who want to meet and start something.

4. Our Time

Ourtime.com pays its affiliates up to 50% commission for every referral. The website is designed to match singles over the age of 40, that makes it a more serious business.

5. The Devotion System

The devotion system is one of the top-performing products on ClickBank. Their product is designed to teach women everything they should know about keeping a man in a relationship.

Affiliates can get up to 50% commission when they sell this product. However, you need a ClickBank account to promote t his offer.

Solar Energy

  • Market worth: $928 billion
  • Competition: high

Solar energy is one of the most competitive and yet most profitable niches in our list.  The market is fast growing and a lot of investors are investing seriously on solar energy.

If you are looking for a niche to start a blog and promote affiliate offers, the solar is a good place to start.

Here are some affiliates programs to join:

1. Solgaard

Solgaard is a company that manufactures solar-powered materials such as; laptop bags, watches, solar banks, etc. these are high-end products, and people with disposable income and right mindset won’t mind buying them.

2. SmartPower4All

SmartPower4All will pay you 75% commission when ever you drive them sales. Their product is suitable for anyone who want to reduce the cost of power bills in their homes, which I am sure every one does.

3. Goal Zero’s

Goal Zero’s manufactures portable solar generators, solar panel kits, power banks, lanterns and a full range of accessories. They pay affiliates up to 5% per sale. You may think 5% is too small, but you should expect about USD $17 on every sale you make.

4. SunJack

SunJack company manufactures solar doorbells and IP security cameras. Your customers don’t need to worry about power outage anymore. They will pay you 8% commission each time you bring them a new buyer.

5. Telsa

Telsa is one of those affiliate programs you would not like to ignore. Their affiliate programme is kept simple. When a customer you referred buys a solar panel, you are paid USD $100. Imagine if you refer up to 10 customers that will be USD $1000!

Home security

  • Market worth: $51 Billion
  • Competition: Medium

If your home hasn’t been broken into, you will not know the importance of home security gadgets. Even the most liberal families are forced to look at just secured their home is before leaving, and even when they return.

Crime is not going away any time soon. So security is everyone #1 priority for their every home.

There are a lot of security gadgets you can promote on your blog and make money, including video doorbell, Wi-Fi security cameras, PIR lighting system, etc.

Here are some affiliate programs to join:

1. Guardline

Guardline manufactures and sells its own products wireless motion sensors. Their products let you know when someone opens the gate or hangs anywhere around your home/property. Guardline affiliate program will pay you 25% commission for every transaction recorded through their affiliate link.

2. Revo Alarm & Security

Revo is a company that offers professional surveillance equipment at a very affordable rate. Their EZlink software enables you to have access to their security camera system anywhere in the world through your computer or smartphone.

They offer an affiliate programme where they pay a 5% commission to publishers who promote their products.

3. Liberty Insurance

Liberty is an insurance company, but I’ve decided to add them to the home security market. Yes, they actually fall into this market.

They are the 5th largest property insurer in the United States and still operates in over 30 other countries around the world.

Affiliates on this platform are sure to receive up to USD $10 for every home insurance quote.

4. SmartHome

Smart home is a company that sells not only home security gadgets, but an entire range of home devices, including lighting, entertainment, security, etc. that an average DIY enthusiast can install without professional help.

Affiliates on this platform gets 4% commission on sales up to USD $220.

5. Laview Security

Laview security system supplies a full range of HD camera system, IP cameras, Video door Bells, e.t.c. if you promote their products as an affiliate, you should be expecting up to 10% commission on each sale you help them generate.


  • Market worth: $714.96 billion
  • Competition: low.

The smartphone is a niche market that is not going away any time soon. A lot of manufacturers are introducing new products year-after-year. You may think there are competitions in this niche, but you will only be competing with some of the brands, and trust me, most of these brands don’t even own a blog. So, you are in advantage.

Another good thing about this market is that most of the keywords you can target are buyer intent keyword, meaning the people who search for those keywords are the people most likely to buy them.

Choosing a niche in the smartphone market and narrowing it down to a more specific niche topic will make you a lot of money.

For example, you can choose “Samsung smartphones”, and narrow it down to “Samsung smartphone deals” or “Samsung smartphone review”. Anyone looking for “Samsung Galaxy s10 deal” is more likely to buy. And anyone looking for “Samsung galaxy s10 review” is probably looking for flaws or better Samsung product to buy.

Here are some affiliate products to buy:

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon is the world’s leading marketplace, selling almost all kind of products including smartphones. Because they are very popular, customers all over the world won’t doubt their reputation. So any traffic you send to their website is more likely to make a purchase.

2. Greatcall

Greatcall is a leading retailer of smartphones. Their affiliate programme is hosted on commission junction, and they will pay you a whopping USD $75 commission for each sales you generate.

  • Commission rate: $75
  • Affiliate URL: https://www.greatcall.com/commercial-sales/online-affiliate-marketing-program

3. Orchard

Orchard makes it affordable and easy to buy and sell high-quality used smartphones. Their affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale, and they pay 10% commission to anyone who drives sales to their products.

4. Cellular Outfitter

Cellular Outfitter is one of the leading online cellular accessories stores in the united states. Affiliates can choose to promote from over 1 million products (Smartphone accessories) and get 10% commission on each sale.

5. eBay

eBay is a well-known eCommerce store. They sell almost all kinds of products including smartphones. They have a very good reputation and respected in the eCommerce industry. eBay offers an affiliate program which enables you to promote practically all kinds of products, smartphones and accessories included.

Now you have about 50 high paying affiliate programs in 10 different niche markets. Pretty cool! Let’s now discovers other niches within these markets that may not be very competitive and still make enough money.


Honestly, every niche is profitable as long as there are existing audience and products to sell to them. However, there are more profitable niches than others.

If you want to start an online business, choose your niche wisely. Some of the above listed niches are already saturated even though they are profitable.it means you will chip in more effort, trying to stand out and make money.

Want to find out more profitable niche for your blog and online business, it’s okay. Get our exclusive guide to choosing a profitable Niche

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