How to make money online (My personal story)

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So you want to learn how to make money online? Believe me, that was the same reason I started blogging since 2016.

I must be honest, my first blog was a disaster! I spent the whole year working on a website that almost returned nothing.

And I mean it. My first blog returned $0.00 in revenue. Yet I was spending money on internet bundle, hosting and boosting my posts on Facebook.

I thought I had an online business, but what I had was an expensive hobby!

The next year, I put in more effort and then, it was able to generate $106 from display ads (infolinks). That wasn’t even enough to renew my hosting plan.

That was when I started Googling things like: “How to make money blogging” & “how to make money online

You already know, Google returned 77,500,000 results in less than one second, and I got myself busy with plenty of articles and YouTube videos. I even went as far as 3rd and 4th page of Google Search result.

But then, everything I found was pretty much similar. You know what I am talking about… like: Choose a domain name, start a blog, promote products, and a whole lot of them.

The next year, I spend another $218 on hosting and domain name purchase, hoping things could be better this time. I launched a brand new website, choose a narrow niche, target long-tail keywords, threw in some contents and started praying that the money should come.

A few months later, I made a sale that gave me $15 in commission. After few weeks, another sale occurred that gave me another $26. I was thinking everything has started to take shape until the end of the year, I made only $805 in revenue.

It was an improvement compared to the previous year, but it wasn’t something to rejoice for.  There are people making over $10,000 per month, and I could only make $805 the whole year?

I know how much it cost to pay for electricity and internet data bundle in my country, so I started Googling again…

How to make Passive Income blogging

And I came across several guides that helped me realize I needed a strategy. Then, it was a new year, 2018 has just started. And I came up with a plan (you will find out on this guide). On the second week of January 2018, I made my first $1,000, and before the end of the month, it went up to $2,905.

Today, at the time publishing this guide, (December 21 2020), using the same strategy I am about to show you, I make over $7,000 monthly.

In this guide, I am going to show you my methods and how you can replicate them to make more money online. You will learn how to make money online in Nigeria and any part of the world.

Let’s dive right in…

What to do first, if you want to make money online

Instead of waiting around, let me remind you what you need to do before you can be able to make up to a grand on the internet.

  • Develop the right Mind-set
  • Take action

A lot of people do not still believe they can actually make money online because they have seen others follow misleading guides and end up losing all their money trying to become rich overnight.

Yes, there is scam everywhere, internet being the heart of it all. People path with their money in a terrible way, but if that keep ringing in your mind and holding you down, you won’t be able to make money on the internet.

You need the right mind-set.

Like I mentioned earlier, it took me three years to discover how to make $7,000+, and during those years, I spent a lot of money on courses, I bought several eBooks and even wrongly run advert campaigns that did not yield any profit.

In fact, those years were nightmares. It would be enough for me to give up on online hustle, but I didn’t. Instead, my belief in it got stronger.

What I am trying to say is that you must believe that money can be legitimately made from the internet before investing your time towards it.

There are several online business models you can start right now and make your first $1,000 the next month. I discussed it better in a previous post (Read about it here). And the good part is that most of these online business does not require any start-up capital.

It cost nothing to make money!

Let me tell you how I made my first $1,000 in just two weeks after trying for three years.

How I made my first $1,000 in two weeks

Towards the end December 2017, I came across an eBook that promised to teach me how to make over 10,000 USD in three months. It was a premium eBook I found on Amazon.

Although $10,000/month seems almost impossible to me at that time, I had to buy the eBook to find out how on earth that can be archived.

You can also buy this it Directly from MKTProfit bookshop.

After studying through the eBook, I realized I was doing everything totally wrong. For example, I was spending about $200 on Facebook ads each week to get traffic to my blog without knowing I was supposed to convert those traffic to email subscribers.  I was ignorantly giving away all my money to Facebook.

In January 2018, I decided to apply what I learnt from the eBook, and change came almost instantly. My first $1,000 came from Affiliate sales. It wasn’t even with the almighty Amazon Associate Program, but with an affiliate program I barely hear about,

JVZoo is an affiliate marketplace just like ClickBank and the rest of them. Most of their products perfectly fit my Niche, that’s why I’m working with them.

First of all, I had a blog running on WordPress, with not quite impressive traffic. My first target was to drive more traffic to the blog and convert them into email subscribers. I knew of different ways to drive traffic to a website, so getting traffic wasn’t a big job for me. I was concerned about turning those traffic into lead. And here is how I did it…

How I turned my blog traffic into email subscribers

I have learnt that you do not have customers if you keep building your website traffic without converting them. The eBook thought me that 1 email subscribers is worth $1, and I am beginning to agree with that.

With 8391 subscribers in my email list, I am making around $7,000 and $8,000 monthly.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Nobody is going to pay you for your email list. Instead, you will promote offers to you list and make money as they buy your products and services. I am going to show you how to do just that.

Let’s first see how to convert traffic into subscribers

You need three things to convert your blog visitors into email subscribers.

  • A lead Magnet
  • Opt-in Page
  • Email auto responder

Nobody gives out their email address easily, nut when you have something to offer them, they can freely gibe it to you.

A lead magnet is a bribe you give to prospects in other to collect their email address and/or phone numbers. It can be an eBook, online course, webinar, etc. Read my guide on how to capture lead using lead magnets.

Leads are captured through opt-in pages, and stored in an auto responder.

Auto responders are capable of sending out automated marketing emails to prospects, making it stress-free to manage a large list.

Here is how to capture lead.

Create a lead magnet:

Before I started building my email list, I got my lead magnet ready. It was a premium eBook. I didn’t have to write it myself, I spent around $68 to get the job done for me.

I am not telling you to do the same, you can create a free pdf report, or even summarise your best blog posts in a pdf format and use it as a lead magnet. Here are some ideas.

Create a lead page (Opt-in page)

If people want to access your lead magnet, they will have to go through a short process. Send them to a lead page where they will submit their email address.

An opt-in page contains an opt-in form, just like this one below.

Make money online

If you are on WordPress platform, then you can easily create one using your favourite page builder, or using a plugin known as WordPress Landing Pages

You can get your opt-in form code from your autoresponder. My favourite autoresponder email service is sendpulse. They have a free trial that gives you space for 500 email subscribers and 15 000 Emails monthly.

Once you have all these things ready, you should start writing your email sequence.

Write a welcome email that triggers when someone sign up to your list. This is an email that welcomes them to your list and give them access to your lead magnet.

Again, write another two friendly emails can be sent 2nd and 4th day after user join the list, but don’t try to promote anything yet. Make them your friends. In fact, you should not promote any offer to your list in the next 5 emails after they join your list. You can start telling them about offers from the 6th email.

Once everything is ready, it is now time to start driving traffic to your opt-in page.

How to drive traffic to an opt-in page

Traffic is what you need to make your first $1,000. There are free ways and paid ways to drive traffic to your blog, and most of the guides I read online emphasises only on the free traffic, like SEO.

But here is the thing, Google won’t rank a lead page, no matter what. In this case, SEO is not the best option. What worked for me really was paid ads, and I used Facebook for it.

Facebook ads have a way to target audience based on their location, interest, age, language, etc. which means you can get your opt-in page before the right audience. Don’t worry about the cost, I can assure you that every $1 spend on ads is worth $38 in return. Facebook even allows you to run your campaign and get results before your bills come in.

Don’t be in a haste to jump right into Facebook ads, I must warn you.

I suggest you have a solid foundation on how Facebook ads work before investing your money. There are free courses you can take online to master the system, just Google it.

Once Facebook approves your ads, you should start getting lead asap.

Now, it’s time to start making money.

How you can actually make money online

You can start making money online in Nigeria by selling products and services. My first grand came from selling a product I have not even used before. That is what most people do, it is called affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you are paid for whichever sales you generate through your blog. I have written an in-depth guide on how to start an affiliate marketing business in a previous post. But let me explain it a bit here.

Here is how it works:

You sign up as an affiliate, you chose an offer and promote to your blog readers and email list, someone buys the product, and you earn a commission.

It may sound like a long process, but it’s really very simple. Linking to a product is as easy as linking to another page on the same domain.

You should be thinking of how much you should be making… let’s do a little calculations….

Imagine you have a targeted email list of 1000 subscribers, and promote a product of $120 that has a commission rate of 25% ($30). If you promote that offer to your email list, and as little as 5% convert to sales, you just make $1500.

Here is it in figure:

25% of $120 = $30

5% of 1000 subscribers = 50

50 subscribers X $30 = $1,500.

If you spent $250 on adverts, you still have gain of $1,250

The best part? This can happen in few days!

I have seen products on JVZoo and ClickBank that has as high as 75% commission. That means it is possible to make $10,000 per month, but you will need up to 10,000 email subscribers to get close to that figure.

I also have a premium eBook that will show you how to build a targeted email list subscribers from day one. You can get it from here for just $9.45.

Thinking of where to find affiliate products to sell? Let me help you.

  1. Amazon Associate Program: They have a higher conversion rate, but the commission is always very little.
  2. ClickBank: The best affiliate network that pays a higher commission
  3. JVZoo
  4. ShareAsale
  5. Commission junction
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