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How to use Tailwind for Pinterest (And crush the Pinterest Algorithm)

There is probably no better tool for Pinterest marketing asides Tailwind. That’s why it is recommended all over the place.

If you want to rock Pinterest and get a better result without adding hours to your day, you need to start using Tailwind for Pinterest.

Heck, what is Tailwind for Pinterest?

If you are a new comer, you have probably heard about Tailwind couple of times, but not sure what it is used for, or how to use Tailwind for Pinterest marketing. So, let’s get to it…

Tailwind is a web application for Pinterest marketing. It is the best Pinterest scheduler out there (now includes Instagram and Facebook) with a lot of benefits.

To simply put, Tailwind is the most effective way to grow your Pinterest and drive massive traffic to your blog or online store.

This ultimate tutorial on how to use Tailwind for Pinterest will show you the secret of growing your Pinterest traffic effectively. You will learn everything you need to know about maximizing your Pinterest success with minimal time and expense.

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Let’s dive in!

How does Tailwind for Pinterest work?

If you are a native Pinterest user, you can pin your website contents manually to Pinterest if you have the time. Or you can also use Pinterest’s own scheduler that allows you to schedule only one pin at a time.

But when you use Tailwind for Pinterest, you won’t have to find time to post your pins daily. You only have to sit back for a few minutes a day to add your pins and let Tailwind post them for you at the optimal time, every day, for several weeks upfront!

In short, here is a list of what you can do with Tailwind for Pinterest marketing:

  • Tailwind Create let’s you design engaging pins right inside tailwind Dashboard
  • You can schedule your posts with Tailwind smart schedule
  • Tailwind chooses the best time to publish your pins for maximum engagement
  • Repin your contents to different boards at interval you choose
  • You can also connect with other pinners to share contents in Tailwind communities
  • Tailwind analytics lets you monitor your Pinterest performance
  • … And amplify for reach.

Still not using Tailwind for Pinterest? Try it for free! (Take away your credit card), plus, you will get my $15 free bonus when you upgrade.

Click here to try Tailwind …it is really free!

Tailwind is Pinterest approved partner!

Tailwind is Pinterest approved

Pinterest has published a list of their certified partners, and Tailwind happens to be on the list. Meaning that Tailwind follows Pinterest standards to keep your account safe.

Tailwind uses your Pinterest account to let you in. This means you don’t need to hand in your Pinterest login details to Tailwind before using the app. You only need to click the red Pinterest button and authorize the app to begin.

Tailwind will then analyze your Pinterest account and blog niche to generate smart schedule for you. You only need to specify how many pins you want to schedule every day, and Tailwind will take care of publishing the pins even while you take care of other things.

How to get started with Tailwind for Pinterest

Because Tailwind is a Pinterest marketing approved partner, you need not enter your Pinterest login details. Just few clicks will let you in.

Infact, sharing your login details goes against the ‘term of use’ you agreed to when joining Pinterest. Tailwind knows that, and they want to keep your account safe.

If you are new to Tailwind, just follow next steps to get your Tailwind free account access, and connect your Pinterest profile.

Step 1. Click the button below to get started with Tailwind for free! (Plus you will get my $15 extra bonus).

Step 2. Click on Pinterest button to sign up to Tailwind and approve the connection when prompt. (This will also connect your Pinterest account to Tailwind)

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest (And crush the Pinterest Algorithm)

Step 3. Enter your name, email and password as seen in the image below.

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest (And crush the Pinterest Algorithm)

Next thing you need to do is tell Tailwind how many pins to schedule each day. This could be 5, 25 or even more. If you have subscribed for Tailwind max plan ($39.99), you can schedule unlimited pins!

How to schedule pins on Tailwind App

When adding a new pin to Tailwind, you are left with three options:

  1. Scheduling from your website
  2. Repining from Pinterest
  3. Uploading pins directly to Tailwind

Note: Tailwind has a chrome extension that makes #1 and #2 easy. And you can add as many pins as you want at the same time.

If you are scheduling from your website, or from Pinterest, you need to have the page open, and then launch the browser extension.

Automatically, Tailwind chrome extension will import all pin-able images from the open page for you to either schedule at once, or save them for later. This will also import the post title and description to tailwind.

If you like uploading your pins manually like myself, you can also do that. Once uploaded, Tailwind automatically saves it as draft.

Next, in the window below the pin image, add the boards that are relevant to the pin, but it should not be more than ten boards (according to Pinterest best practice).

If you choose multiple boards, I recommend clicking the ‘inteval’ button to spread out your pins by 5 or more days. This will also drip out your pins to the boards you added with no extra effort on your part.

Next, add a unique title and description to each pin you add to Tailwind. For the best result, make sure you include relevant keywords to your pin title and description. See our guide to Pinterest SEO for more information about using keywords on Pinterest.

Next, click ‘Schedule now’ and you are done!

How can Tailwind exactly grow your Pinterest traffic?

If you are wondering how Tailwind can help grow your Pinterest traffic and followers, then this section will answer that.

Here are some of the ways that Tailwind can help grow your Pinterest traffic:

1. Maintaining a constant presence on Pinterest without manually pinning all day.

The best way to succeed on Pinterest is to be active on the platform. You need to keep publishing many pins on daily basis before Pinterest begin to love you. But that’s a lot of work!

Using Tailwind will help you be active on Pinterest without actually visiting the platform.

Pinterest only cares about new pins coming from your website. It doesn’t matter whether you pin them manually, or through a scheduler like Tailwind.

2. Spaces out your pins so it won’t look spammy

If you publish multiple pins too fast on Pinterest, it will look spammy to Pinterest, and annoy your followers.

It may even land you on Pinterest jail.

But with a smart scheduler like Tailwind, you don’t need to worry about that. Tailwind will space out your pins to multiple boards at an interval so that Pinterest will not have an evil eye on them.

3. Pinning at the best performing time

When you publish a new pin, Pinterest show it to your followers first, before they decide how to distribute it further, based on your followers engagement.

So, you need to be posting at the best time when your followers are active for best engagement.

Your may not know the actual time to post, but Tailwind does!

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest (And crush the Pinterest Algorithm)

Tailwind smart schedule lets you post at the best engaged time.

4. Connecting you with community members

If you just started using Pinterest, you may not have enough followers just yet. But joining Tailwind tribes leaves the doors open for more pin shares and re-pins.

Tailwind communities are like group boards where other pinners can add and reshare other’s pins for maximum engagements.

Communities (tribes) is one of the most powerful features of Tailwind, and it is the most effective way to get more Pinterest traffic.

Join my Tailwind community– Free!

5. Creating engaging pin images

Tailwind also has an inbuilt pin creator called the Tailwind Create. This tool lets you create and design your Pinterest pins even if you have no knowledge about graphics.

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest (And crush the Pinterest Algorithm)

If I’m not designing with Canva, I’m definitely using Tailwind Create. And because they follow Pinterest best practice, they provide you with best image dimension for optimal pin graphics. 

Try Tailwind Create for free!

6. Loops your pins (smart loops)

Tailwind smart loops lets you drive more website traffic without:

  • Spending more time figuring out what’s working
  • Keeping spreadsheet to determine when to schedule
  • Having to reload your queue.
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