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How To (Drastically) Increase Your Affiliate Earnings in 2021

If I start affiliate marketing, I will only copy & paste my refferal links to my blog and watch the profit grow!

That’s what many people think about affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way!

In fact, 80% of your blog readers will leave without taking an action.

And the worst? 88% of those visitors who left will never come back to your blog. – source

As a matter of fact, many of them will totally forget about your blog after they leave.

So what should you be doing to increase your affiliate sales? I will show you just that.

Today, you are going to learn how to triple your affiliate income without doing heavy work.

How To (Drastically) Increase Your Affiliate Earnings in 2021

1. Start a Blog if you don’t have one already.

The first thing you should do to increase your affiliate income is to start a blog for affiliate marketing.


Because blogging pays off! Blogging is a way to build relationship with like-minded audience.

See your blog as an office where people come to seek help on how to improve their lives. It is easier to convince them to try a product, and you will be paid for it.

With your blog, you can attract people who share the same interests and easily convert them to buying customers.

For example, Assuming you you started a mom blog to help sit-at-home moms carry out their daily routine.

You are sure that all your audience will be women (mostly house wives) trying to make their day easier. If you promote an online course teaching stay-at-home moms how to set up a home office, you will make a lot of money.

True, right?

In that way, you can easily convert your blog readers into paying customers without trying hard.

Blogging helps to send traffic to an affiliate offer too.

Remember the golden rule of affiliate marketing? Sell something to make money.

The only way to make good sales is sending a lot of traffic to an affiliate offer. And your blog is capable of doing that.

Take for instance, your blog started getting over 100,000 monthly traffic. And on the same blog, you promote different affiliate offers.

If it is true that average website conversion rate on your blog is 2.35%, then over 30,000 will click through and buy a product!

You know, that’s a lot of money!

So, the first thing you should do to triple your affiliate income is to start a blog for affiliate marketing.

Follow next steps to start a profitable affiliate marketing blog.

1. Choose a niche focused on ROI

Don’t try to promote any affiliate offer if you don’t have a targeted audience to sell to. If you try selling to EVERYONE, you will end up making no sale.

On the other hand, don’t choose a very narrow niche because it is not competitive. It is possible there is no money there!

Instead, chose a niche focused on ROI (Return On Investment).

You will have to ask yourself,

  • “How do I get the most return on every dollar I spent on affiliate marketing?”
  • “How do I maximize my income while minimizing my effort?”

To answer the questions, conduct a simple keyword research on Amazon and SEMrush.

First of all, make a list of topics you would like to cover, and then, a list of keywords related to those topics.

Next, head over to Amazon bestseller and browse though different categories related to those topics to see if there are any product you can promote. – you can also use ClickBank or any of your favorite affiliate network.

If you find, then do some keyword research to find more keywords you can use on your blog to attract audience.

Head over to Semrush and plugin any seed keyword related to those offers for example, “kitchen utensils”

Put in your keyword on the tool below to find more valuable keywords

Let’s try putting in the KEYWORD “kitchen utensils” and see what happens.

How To (Drastically) Increase Your Affiliate Earnings in 2021

SEMrush will analyze the keyword and give you insight on how difficult it is to rank for in both PPC and SEO.

You Will also see a list of websites ranking for those keywords – they are your competitors!

How To (Drastically) Increase Your Affiliate Earnings in 2021

Grab any of their URL and place it into SEMrush tool again, you will see other keywords that drive them the most traffic.

Take away: If your competitors are paying for any keyword, it means the keyword is driving them sales.

After conducting a keyword research, you should be able to tell if a niche is worth running after.

2. Register a domain name and get a host

Next step is actually hosting your affiliate blog. For this, btoj will need a web host and a domain name. They both come in handy and cost about $2.95 per month on bluehost.

3. Install WordPress.

Even if you are not a tech savvy, you can install WordPress on Bluehost.

Click on the My Sites tab from the side navigation menu to the left.

Click the Create Sitebutton.How To (Drastically) Increase Your Affiliate Earnings in 2021

New windows appear for two highly recommended website builders.

Click the Start Building button under the WordPress option.

Enter the Admin Information:
Site Name: This will be the name displayed on your site. This is not the URL but simply the name used on your site.
Site Tagline: This should reflect a brief description of your website.
Advanced Tab:Email Address: This will be where your login information will be sent.
WordPress Admin Username: The desired login name for your application
WordPress Admin Password: The desired password for this application.

The installer will take a couple of minutes to install WordPress.

2. Work on your blog traffic.

Even if you choose the most paid affiliate offers, if you don’t send enough traffic to it, you wouldn’t make money.

It is essential to increase your blog traffic in other to make more affiliate sales.

According to wordstream, 80% of your blog readers will leave without taking action. Which means only about 2.85% are likely to stick around and maybe click through to an offer. That’s why you need even more traffic.

There is one powerful way I can show you now to increase your blog traffic, it is:


Many website owners still don’t know the power of Pinterest. Some people still see it as a social Media platform, which is right. But actually, it is a search engine.

Pinterest is a platform where content creators (pinnere) ads and image of video (pins) that leads to an existing web page. When visitors click on those pins, they are redirected to the webpage it points at.

Even though it may not be as easy as it used to be a few years back, Pinterest is still worth the effort. People who are active on Pinterest will see a hike in their website traffic in a very short time.

According to this report, Pinterest traffic drives higher-value conversions than both facebook and twitter. You should expect a higher conversion rates if your blog traffic is coming from Pinterest.

How to use Pinterest to triple affiliate income

Create a Pinterest business account by visiting this link.

Once your account is Reading create a minimum of 5 boards slated to the topics to cover on your blog. Each box contains the main keywords on both board name and board description.

If you don’t know what keywords you should use you can conduct a search on Pinterest using any seed keyword related to your niche.

How To (Drastically) Increase Your Affiliate Earnings in 2021

Pinterest will suggest keywords based on what people are searching for. Use those cables to craft a perfect but title and description.

As soon as your boss I already you should start creating pin images.

You can use a free tools like canva to create pin images. Canva is a free graphic designer. It has tons of beautiful templates you can start with and edit to fit your taste.

When you are done creating your images on and you can begin to upload them to Pinterest.

  • Click the + button and upload your image
  • Type in your keyword-rich pin title
  • Next, write a keyword-rich description on the next box
  • Type in your URL (the web address the pin should send traffic to)
  • Choose the most relevant board and click “save”

Repeat the whole process for every image you create. Ideally, 15 – 25 times per day.

Pinterest wants its users to remain on the platform, that’s why they will reward you if you continue to be active. For that reason, you should pin every day.

15 pins a day is a lot of manual work. But using an automation software like Tailwind will make the whole job a lot easier.

Tailwind is a Pinterest certified partner. It is a software that enables you to schedule and space out your pins and publish them at the best time your audience are more active.

3. Build email list

I have to be honest. Owning a blog for affiliate marketing is not enough. If you want to make money real fast, you should start building an email list.

In fact, email list is the secret of tripling your affiliate income.

Do you know that email marketing will return $38 in every $1 you spend? That’s amazing 3800% in ROI!

Every one subscriber you get is worth $1.

If you have not yet started building a list, you are leaving money on the table.

More reasons you should start building an email list is to build a strong relationship with your audience.

If you have the email address of your blog customers, you can re-target them and send them back to your blog even when they forget about you and your blog, through email marketing.

You can even send them to an affiliate offer with simple emails.

You are not only keeping the communication flowing, you are also making money on the process without knowing it.

How to start building a list?

It is easy. Create incentives and give them away for exchange with email address.

Look at how it works:

  1. Create an email list and set up email automation using your favorite email marketing software, such as sendpulse.
  2. Create an opt-in form and copy the embed code to your blog. You can give it any title, for example, “get more website traffic without SEO” If you have an incentive for that.
  3. Relax and get more subscribers.

Here is an example of optin page from backlinko.

How To (Drastically) Increase Your Affiliate Earnings in 2021

How to triple your affiliate income with email list

First of all, focus on growing your email list. To  make money, with affiliate marketing, you need a good amount of audience. Building your list to above 5000 subscribers is ideal.

I don’t advice you buy a list from any source. They won’t convert.

List building takes time. The easiest way to build list without a budget is by promoting your your optin pages on pinterest.

Now, to monetize your email list, you need to:

1. Choose a high converting affiliate offer.
2. Write an email series that converts.

Head over to and create an account if you are not already on the platform. You can also create an account with clickbank and digistore if you are living in an eligible country.

If you are working with you can browse different a field office according to best-selling. Just click on this link to find best selling products on Jvzoo.

When you land on the product page you will find additional information about how to promote the products. Some vendors will give you access to their JV page where you can find email swipes, barners, sales letters, etc.

Now use the email swipe to find on the product JV page to create email seriesbon your email marketing software. Don’t forget to link back to the outlet offer from the email swipes.

That is so simple. You will continue to make money as long as people keep buying the products.

let’s assume you have a list of 7000 subscribers and only 500 people click through and buy a products of $50. If your percentage is 50% then you will earn $25 x 500 subscribers which is $12500.

Conclusion on how to triple your affiliate income

You already know, affiliate marketing is a gold mine. A lot of people are already making millions of dollars selling other people’s product and services.

However it is not always easy for beginners who have little to no idea on internet marketing to make enough money with affiliate marketing, Which is why we’ve written this guy to help you triple your affiliate income.

If you have any question or how to make money with affiliate marketing feel free to send us a message.

Thank you for reading. kindly spread the Love by sharing this piece of information with friends and loved ones.

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