8 Best online jobs for college students (2021 Edition)

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Wanna make some money while you are still in college? There are some online jobs you could start right now.

If you search Google for ‘online jobs for college students‘, you will get About 226,000,000 results in just 0.84 seconds.

Honestly, there are already many articles on that topic. But for the fact you are reading this page, you will discover the very best online jobs for college students, that you can start and earn some money.

As a college student, you need money to keep surviving, but the problem most time is that you don’t have enough time to go out there and get them. I understand you are busy with classes and assignments… But what about doing something online, probably with your smartphone?

Best online jobs for college students that pays well

Honestly, there are many online jobs for college students that won’t distract your studies. You don’t even need to over-stress yourself to make money.

In fact, you will be working 2-3 hours a day, make your money and still credit all your peppers.

Does that sound good?

I am going to list 8 of those online jobs for college students that pays really well.

Before we even get started, let me remind you why you need do jobs (online) while you are still in school.

Why you should work while you are in school.

Let’s be honest, it’s quite expensive to go through the college anywhere in the world.

On average, Tuition and other fees in a private institute is $27,675 per semester.

On top of that, students need extra money to take care of some other expenses, such as feeding, clothing, etc.

So, what are the best online jobs for college students? Let’s find out.

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8 Best online jobs for college students

1. Freelance Writing.

I am not sure there is a student who cannot write. You’ve been writing and defending projects, right? You can also make money with your writing skills.

Definitely, you can.

It does not even need to be written In big vocabularies. Something a primary school pupil can read is capable of bringing in big money.

Freelance writing is one of the best online jobs for college students. Why I think so Is because, you will not only be making money, you will also improve your writing skills.

Writing doesn’t require any investment except ‘TIME’, and I am sure you can always squeeze out time from your schedule. About three hours a day is enough to write something that can fetch you much money.

Is that not okay?

Seriously I am not kidding. Some well established websites are looking for people like you to write for them because they are busy with other marketing campaigns.

Some of these websites are serious enough to pay you up to $370 per article not longer than 1500 words long.

For example, if you submit  an article to Thriving Family And get approved, you will be paid $375. There are many other websites that can pay well if you spend your time writing for them.

If you are a freelance writer and you are finding it difficult to get hired, you can easily get a writing job from Upwork

2. Blogging

Blogging is another online job for college students that can pay really well. But you have to learn how to do it right!

Blogs are online magazines where you can update your followers on different topics such as: fashion trends, make-up tips, campus stories, etc.

Guess what? You don’t even need to spend the whole day on your blog. You can place it on auto-pilot and make your money while you study.

Blogging is really very lucrative. You can bring in up to one million dollar a year from your blog if you know what you are doing.

For example, LindaIkeji’s blog (you know it, right? Just a gossip blog) is bringing in more than $65,000 every month, according to smallstarter.com

One thing I like about owning a blog is that once it start making money, it continues. Except when you choose a niche that is already fading out.

Basically, there are three things you need to start a blog:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting Plan
  3. Blog Platform

A domain name is the address of your blog on the internet. For example, mktprofit.com is the domain of this blog you are reading now.

It is the address you type into your browser when you want to access your blog.

A hosting plan is the cloud server which will store your website files and make them available to the world.

And lastly, you need a blog platform (CMS) that will build your blog.

We’ve prepared a package for you, it is called  “MKTProfit’s guide to 6-figure blogging”. Get it from here.

3. Dropshipping

Do you know ecommerce is a multi-trillion industry?

Amazon alone is worth over $1 Trillion.

Do you also know you can start an ecommerce store just like Amazon and Alibaba, even without having a product of your own to sell?

Yes, you can! It won’t even affect your studies.

Dropshipping is a fast growing online business, and it is capable of making you a rich collage student.

Are you hearing about dropshipping for the first time? Let me tell you more about it…

If you start a dropshipping business, you will own a fully functioning ecommerce website just like Amazon. You will then work with suppliers around the world to sell their products on your own ecommerce website.

Once you list a product on your online store, it will appear as if you are the owner, but you are not. You will be the seller of the product. You will even collect payment from your customers before the actual business takes place.

Here is what I mean:

You (the dropshpper) pulls products from a suppliers shop to your online shop. The process is usually automatic using softwares such as Alidropship (for woocommerce users) or Oberlo for shopify stores.

Once a product is pulled, it copies both the description, title, image, etc. But you will have option to edit the product, including the *price*.

If someone buys the product from your store, you collect the payment, including your profit and send the remaining money together with the customer’s delivery address to the supplier who will now continue with the delivery.

You see, you will make money before the order is fulfilled.

Some suppliers will even package the item with your name on it, so that it will look more like you did it.

It’s really that easy, and you can manage your online shop from anywhere, even with your smartphone.

Isn’t it one of the best online jobs for undergraduate students in Nigeria?

Dropshipping can generate many millions for you if you know a big deal about it.

4. Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)

Let’s be honest, students are more active on social media. And you know what? No one is paying you for liking pictures and re-tweeting  other people tweets.

But what if I told you that you can make a whole lots of money being active on social media sites?

Don’t mind me, no one is going to pay you thay way. Instead, you will be paid for marketing other people’s business on your favourite social networks.

It’s called Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Instead of wasting time, liking pictures on Facebook and instagram, use your time for something else and get paid for it.

SMMA is all about managing other people’s social media business accounts and getting them pay you for your job.

If you look around, you will notice that most businesses out there are owned by people who are older than 50 years. Believe me, they hardly know how to check their emails, not to talk of handling their page on Facebook.

If you meet them and talk to them about promoting their business on social media, and give them reasons why they should listen to you, most of them will get interested.

It is true that many people will totally disagree with your proposal, but if you succeed in getting 10 clients who will agree to pay you $1,000 per month, then you will be taking $10, 000 each month.

But wait, you must be a strategic marketer on social media before anyone can hire your service.

Take this course from Udemy To learn how to become a better SMMA

5. Affiliate Marketing

Next in our list of online jobs for college students is Affiliate marketing.

If you need a part-time job that will keep bringing in real money even if you study all day, you should start learning Affiliate marketing from today.

Affiliate marketing is a kind of online job where you will use your marketing skill to sell other people’s products and services and get paid.

You only need to own a blog, register as an affiliate on affiliate networks, get an affiliate link and start sharing it with your audience.

Read our beginners guide to affiliate marketing and find out which affiliate programs you can joing right now and make money.

How to start affiliate marketing?

Don’t worry, it is so easy. You only need to:

  • Find a profitable niche
  • Start a blog & build an email list
  • Join affiliate program

There are several affiliate programs you can join right now. Let me show you around…

ClickBank affiliate network – Find out how  you can join ClickBank affiliates and earn up to 75% commission for products and services (for our Nigerian audience). if you are not Nigerian, read Niche pursuits guide to ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Amazon Associate Program – Amazon is the world’s largest online store. It generates up to $280 Billion in yearly revenue. Learn how to have a little cut of that pie.

JVZoo affiliate network – JVZoo is second best affiliate network and among the few ones that accepts even Nigerians. Learn how to join JVZoo and get up to 50% commission.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, download this ebook and read through it, at your own convenience.

6. Start a YouTube channel

Don’t get scared to stand in front of a camera. It has made a lot of people rich.

YouTube is the 2nd most visited website according to Alexa. If this stats is true, YouTube gets over one billion hours daily watch time.

That means people are spending quality time, watching YouTube videos. So, there is no better time to start your own chaibut now!

Most of the YouTubers I know are making good income from their channels.

Don’t feel relaxed my friend, you can start making money with your own YouTube channel!

7. Create printables and sell on Etsy

You will be surprised how much you can make selling printables on platforms like Esty and Amazon.

Honestly, this is a good job for undergraduate students because you will only have to create one printable and make money from it over and over and over again. That’s passive income!

Guess what? People who sell printables are making it big. Someone like Cody, the founder of Gold City Ventures will sometimes make up to $800 per week in passive income, selling printables on Esty.

What’s printables, to start with?

Printables are any product that a customer can buy and print out. It acan be anything from ebooks, checklists, coloring page, worksheet, etc.

They are typically low cost products, and they are not difficult to create. You can use tools like Canva to create one.

There are different ways to sell printables. You can sell then on Esty, Amazon or even on your own website if you have a good amount of traffic.

Selling printables is a great way of making passive income.

Where to get started?

Nowadays, People need help in planning, organizing, scheduling and many more . That’s  why they download printables to make these tasks easier.

So you should start by researching the needs of the people. Then you can use tools like Canva to create your printables.

8. Start selling e-book

Ebooks has been around for edges. Selling them can be a good way to make money online for students.

That’s even one of the ways we monetize this website. See our ebook store.

Ebooks are electronics version of textbooks that customers can buy and download to there devices.

Selling ebooks is one of the best online side hustle for college students. It can bring in close to one $1000 monthly income if you know the game well.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what to write about. There are PLR ebooks you can buy and edit to your taste and meke all the profits from selling them.

For example, all the ebooks on our book store comes with a master resell right. That means you can buy them, edit them and resell them at your own price.

Where to sell ebooks?

You can sell ebooks directly on your WordPress website by installing either EDD or Woocommerce. But make sure your website gets a lot of traffic, otherwise you won’t make enough money.

If you don’t already have a website, you can follow this instructions to create a WordPress website from scratch.

You can also self publish your ebooks on Amazon KDP platform. See our guide on how to make money selling ebooks on Amazon.


  1. I wish there were so many online options to make some money when I was in college. I do take advantage of some now, such as my ads on my blog and affiliate marketing on there, too.

  2. I am sure many students will benefit from the information you shared in this post, but truly, whilst in the middle of the pandemic, lots of us can benefit from your suggestions. Thanks for that.

  3. Lots of great online money-making options… I wish this kind of work had been available when I was a student, it would have made life much easier!

  4. Great read. All 8 categories of jobs are really doable and people around the world are making handsome money working but the job I like the most and doing is affiliate marketing. Thank you for curating the list with engaging content.

  5. Great ideas! I thnk the main key here is patience. Online money comes slower than just going out and getting a traditional part-time job.

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