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Complete Guide To Pinterest SEO in 2022 (How to make the Algorithm happy)

In this complete guide to Pinterest SEO, you will learn how to beat the algorithm and get your content to the first page of Pinterest search results in order to get all the eyeballs your website deserves.

If you still see Pinterest as a platform where mums come and share their recipes then you are completely wrong. A lot of brands get loads of free organic traffic to their website using Pinterest alone.

Here is a study showing how Anna Runyan used Pinterest to increase page views on her career-focused website from 100,000 to 500,000 page views per month.

Yet another one showing how Neil Patel use it to drive 10,000 visitors a month to his website.

In short, Pinterest is a super easy source of heavy traffic too many websites including mktprofit!

Fact: To succeed with Pinterest you should start use it as a search engine that it truly is.

If you are new to pinterest, take some time to follow our step-by-step guide to properly set up your Pinterest account and make it ready for success.

>> Read our beginners guide to pinterest

So what’s up with Pinterest SEO? Can you really beat the algorithm?

First let’s talk about Pinterest as a search engine

Pinterest as a search engine

Looking at Pinterest, it looks like just another social Media platform. You are absolutely right to perceive Pinterest as a social media. After all, it comes with some social media features such as follow, comment and message options.

But that shouldn’t take you away from what it truly is.

Pinterest is a search engine!

Let’s see what Oxford dictionary calls a search engine:

A program that searches for and identifies items in a database that corresponds to keywords of characters specified by users. Used especially for finding particular sites on the world wide Web.

See how Pinterest serves as one;

Take for example you are looking for a new pizza recipe.

If you land on Pinterest and type in the keyword ‘pizza‘ on the search bar, Pinterest will be smart to display the best pizza recipes according to some factors. We will discuss that later on this post.

Pinterest seo: search for pizza

Once you select the one you want, you can either save it on your own board and make it visible to your followers or you can click on the image to be redirected to the original source (if any).

Pinterest ranks contents based on different factors just like every other search engine.

In short, there are five main factors that influence Pinterest SEO:

  1. Pin quality
  2. Domain quality
  3. Pinner quality
  4. Repin count
  5. Topic relevance

Pin Quality

Pinterest determines the quality of a pin based on its freshness, amount of engagement it receives (both comments, shares and repins) and it’s popularity. when a Pin is shared on Pinterest, the platform tracks all instances of that pain.

For example, let’s say you share a PIN on your board and someone else shares (repin) same content from your board to theirs, Pinterest will measure the engagement on every instance of that pain to determine its quality.

The best way to improve your pin quality is by creating enticing graphics and stimulating content people will want to read and share.

Domain quality

Pinterest will also measure the number of pins linking back to your domain to determine your domain quality. the more pins you create and the more repins you get, the more quality your domain instill.

In other words, if you create pins multiple times a day on consistent basis, you are more likely to see good results as your domain quality get improved.

The best way to improve your domain quality is to post more pins every day. 5 – 25 pins a day for best results. The more the better!

Use Tailwind scheduler to easily spread your content and automatically publish them at best times your audience are active.

Pinner Quality

Another factor that influence pinterest SEO is user’s active time on the platform. Pinterest want to distribute your content to the right audience but you owe them one thing;

Be active!

That’s how they measure pinner quality.

The number of time you come to Pinterest and engage with other people’s content, how long you stay on the platform, how often you create fresh things, etc.

To improve your pinner quality on Pinterest, be sure to manually pin at least once per day and engage with other people’s pin.

Repin count

On Pinterest, Repins are as important as backlinks in Google SEO (if you know). It tells Pinterest that people are actually loving your contents and that is how it influence your Pinterest SEO.

Repin on Pinterest counts when you or someone else shares and already saved pin from one board to another.

If a pin keep getting so many shares, Pinterest will continue to push it higher on search results and feeds.

The easiest way to get more repins is by creating a click-worthy pin image and joining Tailwind community to get other members to share your content.

We also have a dedicated Facebook group for that.

Topic relevance

Last but not least factor that influence Pinterest SEO is relevance of topics you share to different boards.

What do I mean?

If you have a board for ‘keto diet’, you should only share pins related to keto diet to it.

If you save a pin about ‘travel guide’ on a recipe board, Pinterest will see it as non relevance and that will negatively affect your Pinterest SEO.

Create different boards on pinterest and only save things related to those boards.

Other factors that affect Pinterest SEO

  • Keyword placement
  • Image size and design
  • Number of followers

Using keywords on the right places will help boost your Pinterest SEO. This is how Pinterest understands who you are and what you pin about.

Image designs on the other hand will determine whether people will or will not click on your pins. for example, if your image is poorly designed, with text and element that cluster. It will not appeal to the eye and no one is going to click on them because it is hard to understand what it’s all about. – Remember Pinterest is a visual search engine.

The amount of followers your Pinterest account has will also count. Pinterest said they will show your contents to your followers first, and see how they respond to it. Before they decided whether to show it to more people or not.

So, if you don’t have enough followers, Pinterest will be having hard time figuring out the quality of your pin.

Pinterest SEO basic – Keyword research

Before you set up your Pinterest account, you should do some keyword research to see how people find stuff on the platform. Keyword research is the very first step in every SEO campaign.

Without finding keywords that people use to find what you’re looking for on Pinterest, you wouldn’t know what kind of content you should create to attract more audience.

There are two ways to find keywords that people actually use on Pinterest and both of them are within Pinterest, completely free!

  1. Pinterest search suggest
  2. Pinterest ads keywords

Using Pinterest search suggest, you will find many keywords but you wouldn’t be able to tell how many times people use those keywords on Pinterest.

To start finding keywords on Pinterest, type in any search term related to your niche on the search bar.

Complete Guide To Pinterest SEO in 2022 (How to make the Algorithm happy)

Pinterest autocomplete suggest keywords based on whats people are searching for. if you choose any of those suggested keywords, Pinterest will also show you some keywords suggestions related to the active query. these are also keywords people are searching for.

Continue the process with different terms to get a bigger list of Pinterest keywords.

Finding keywords using Pinterest keyword research tool

The basic process of doing keyword research for Pinterest centers on the keyword volume tool available in the Pinterest Ads platform. It can be hard to find this free Pinterest keyword research tool because it’s hidden right inside the Pinterest advertising platform.

Don’t worry, you aren’t paying for ads.

With Pinterest keyword research tool, you can finally find the monthly search volume keywords (how many times per month people search using those keywords).

To locate the Pinterest keyword research tool, head over to and click “create ad“.

From the next step, choose consideration as campaign objective and give it any name. Click ‘continue‘.

Complete Guide To Pinterest SEO in 2022 (How to make the Algorithm happy)

On the next page, select ‘chose your own‘ on the ‘Targeting details‘.

Complete Guide To Pinterest SEO in 2022 (How to make the Algorithm happy)

Chose ‘keywords & interests‘ and select ‘add keyword‘ tab, and start typing your seed keywords.

Complete Guide To Pinterest SEO in 2022 (How to make the Algorithm happy)

You can see the monthly search volume of those keywords.

To get traffic from other search engines such as Google and Bing, you need to take your keyword research up another level.

Use keyword research tools like SEMRush keywords tool to make sure your keywords has the potential of driving you traffic from Google and other search engines too.

How to use SEO keywords on Pinterest

Just like every other search engine, Pinterest has it’s own Algorithm, known as smart feeds. It looks out for some factors to determine how it ranks pins.

One of the ways Pinterest find contents to serve a query is by scanning through the contents of a pin (Title, Description & Image) to find keywords.

Now, you already know where you should be using your keywords, right?

Use them on the:

  1. Board Title and Description
  2. Pin Title and Description
  3. Pin ALT text
  4. Account name and description

Pin Image design

Because Pinterest is a visual search engine, the design of you pin images always matters. First of all, your pins should be tall, not squared.

The reason is because tall images occupies space and can easily be seen by users.

Infact, according to Pinterest, your pins should not be smaller than 1000px by 1500px.

Although, a different dimension may work better for different accounts. I mostly use 1000px by 2100px for my account, and it works better for me.

Coming to design…

Always use a bright colour and easy-to-read font style on your pin text overlay. You are free to combine different colors, as long as it won’t drive away your audience.

For me, Red and pink performs better. Just don’t be afraid to play around colors.

NB: Canva is an online graphic design tool that comes with plenty easy-to-use graphic design templates – Including Pinterest templates.

Complete Guide To Pinterest SEO in 2022 (How to make the Algorithm happy)
Canva – Best Pinterest Pin Maker Best Pinterest Pin maker
Create beautiful designs with your team. Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, Pinterest pins, etc.
NB: Canva Pro is only free for 30days. After your 30days trial, you will have to upgrade at €109.99 per year, or continue to use ‘Canva Free’ with strict limitations.

How to finally beat the Pinterest Algorithm

As discussed earlier, Pinterest smart feeds uses different factors to rank contents on the platform. To make Pinterest happy, you should beat the algorithm by working along with it instead of working against it.

So how do you beat Pinterest algorithm?

Create a lot of fresh pins

In 2024, what you would do to make Pinterest happy is to share other people’s content. Doing that makes Pinterest push your own content higher. But that has completely changed when they visit their algorithm.

Nowadays, sharing other people’s content can’t beat the algorithm. Instead, pinterest wants you to create fresh pins – A lot of them!

Does that mean you should create new contents on your website everyday?

No, that won’t be necessary!

Fresh pin by Pinterest is defined as any pin image they have never seen before. Not new blog post, not new product page, not new recipes or whatever!

So you can create as many images as you want for a single blog post.

Infact, I create 10-20 pin images for every blog post on my website.

It doesn’t really matter if you are creating a pin image for a new blog post, or an old one. Pinterest will still see them as fresh pins.

How to design multiple fresh images every day.

The easiest way to come up with multiple pin images everyday is by working with templates.

Canva Pro has over 1000 Pinterest graphics you can edit and use on Pinterest.

You can also access our free library of Canva templates for Pinterest.

Pin consistently

Pinning 5 – 25 times every day will make pinterest happy. The more pins you create everyday, the more eye balls your pins Get. And Pinterest will continue to push your pins higher.

Creating fresh pins and pinning them 25 times every day is a lot of manual work, right?

That’s why you should use a scheduler like Tailwind to spread out your pins.

Tailwind is a certified Pinterest partner. It is a software that let you schedule your pins upfront. With Tailwind, you can upload a pin image, choose multiple boards it will go to, chose the date you want it published, etc.

Complete Guide To Pinterest SEO in 2022 (How to make the Algorithm happy)
Grow Smarter on Pinterest & Instagram … Tailwind is the social media scheduling tool that gets real results in less time. … Get started Free. No credit card required!

Optimize your pins

The most important element of Pinterest SEO is pin optimization. When we talk about pin optimization, we mean the pin image, tile and description.

Follow this step for best pin optimization practice:

  • Name your Image accordingly: You should use your keywords on the file name of every image/video benfor uploading it to Pinterest.
  • Create a Click-worthy title: Make it natural and descriptive. Avoid using click-baits
  • Your pin title should be 75 character long, and contain atleast one keyword.
  • Write more detailed pin description. It should be more than three paragraphs for better results. Don’t forget to use keywords in the description.
  • Don’t neglect the Alt text section on pin creator: Alt text is a readable text for people using Text-to-Speech device. It can boost SEO.
  • Use Harsh tags to make your pins discoverable.

Engage on Pinterest

Your average time on Pinterest counts for your success on the platform. Pinterest want you to be active, and not just create a pin and go.

To make Pinterest happy in 2022, you should spend time engaging with other people’s content.

Wrapping it up

Pinterest is a search engine. If people are spending time on pinterest finding new ideas, you should invest more time on Pinterest SEO.

If you don’t properly optimise your pinterest account and contents, Pinterest and it’s users will be confused as to where to rank your contents.

Thanks for reading. Take some time to share this article to your favorite social media platform.

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