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Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort

Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort
Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort
Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort
User-friendly interface
Easy scheduling and rescheduling
Finds the best times to post
Pin looping can save you much time

Recently, I started using Pinterest to grow my blog traffic. And I’ve seen reasonable increase in my blog readership ever since I started using Pinterest.

But heck! Pinterest requires a lot of hard work if you want to see good results soon.

For example, you have to be active and publish multiple pins a day to reach more people. That’s a lot of manual work. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do ever since I started using Pinterest in may, 2021, without seeing good Figures to count!

So, I started looking for ways to hack Pinterest marketing code without violating their community guidelines.

I joined different group boards, create multiple pin graphics and even followed other pinners within my space to see if I could be noticed. But nothing seems to work.

Next thing was to try out other tools.

Because i need to be pinning multiple times a day, I needed a scheduler. That was when I came across Tailwind App.

Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool with lots of benefits. Tailwind is capable of expanding your social media reach and help send more traffic to your blog in a short period of time.

I have already explained how you can use tailwind to crush your Pinterest marketing strategies and send more traffic to your website. You can go ahead and read it.

After using Tailwind App for free the first month, my Pinterest reach (and blog traffic) exploded.

My blog went from 1200 sections, to over 25,000 sections per month. That’s a lot of improvement for the fact I was using it on a new blog.

Note: Tailwind now offers Instagram and Facebook scheduling too.

This Tailwind App Review will focus on Pinterest marketing. Hopefully, sometime I will write about Tailwind for Instagram and Facebook too.

So, can we get started?

A Quick look at how Tailwind App works


Tailwind is a marketing tool that allows users to manage their Pinterest and Instagram accounts from a centralized platform. The tool helps you to save more time while you reach even more audience.

Using Tailwind App, scheduling your posts across multiple social media profiles is as easy as ABC. You will be able to schedule your contents ahead of time even up to one year!

In other words, Tailwind is a new way of automating the manual process of creating pins and posting them to your various boards without worrying about ‘when to post’ as the tool automatically select the best engagement times for you.

What makes Tailwind a great App?

Features of Tailwind App

What are the features that makes Tailwind App a powerful tool?

Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort

1. The Tribes (now Tailwind Communities)

Communities are very powerful
Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort

Tailwind communities (formally tribes) are the most powerful features of using Tailwind for your Pinterest marketing. This has been the most effective source of regular traffic to many blogs (including

Heck! What’s Tailwind communities?

Tailwind communities are group of Pinterest users who create content in a related niche and have agreed to work together in promoting each other.

Wait a minute, Tailwind is a Pinterest certified partner. And Pinterest only wants you to use their partner community instead of engaging in Facebook which groups. Please take note of that.

As a new Pinterest user, Tailwind community has helped me create plenty of viral pins.

Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort

Before I forget, here is what you need to know about Pinterest first:

After revisiting their algorithm, Pinterest now measures the engagements received from your followers before distributing your pins to other people.

If your users engage (eg. Repin your content), then Pinterest will show it to more users.

But what happens when you don’t have engaged audience or when you are still struggling to build your followers? Your pins will remain at your computer screen. No engagement, no traffic for you!

But with Tailwind communities, your community members will re-share your content, giving you thousands of impressions, re-pins and page views.

Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort

With tailwind free trial account, you can have access to 5 tailwind communities and add up to 30 of your great pins per month to the communities.

2. Smart Schedule for Pinterest (and Instagram)

The Smart Schedule is Awesome!
Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort

You can save more time and money with tailwind smart scheduling tool for both Pinterest and Instagram. With this smart scheduler, you are no longer limited to the native pin it button. Instead, everything happens in complete auto pilot once you schedule your post.

Tailwind App even has a browser extension that makes manual uploading a thing of past. You can effortlessly upload multiple pins from multiple sources within some few clicks!

Also, the Tailwind Smart Scheduler delivers your pins when your audience is most engaged. And you can schedule and spread out your posts several months in advance.

3. The Smart Loop

We love the Smart loop

The next feature I love so much is the smart Loop.

This feature allows you to repin Niche and evergreen content back to work. At your choice, Tailwind will republish your best-performing pins for you at the right frequency and to the right boards.

If you are a member of multiple group boards, you can also customize your smart Loop rules for your different boards, allowing you to contribute relevant content for each season.

4. Tailwind Create allows you to create designs on the go

Tailwind Create is also awesome
Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort

Even if you know nothing about graphics, you can easily come up with Amazing designs with Tailwind create.

Tailwind create automatically generates hundreds of posts, optimized for Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. No design skills needed!

Tailwind Create
Try Tailwind Create for Free!

100% free! No credit card required.

The tool creates dozens of Pinterest pins (also Instagram and Facebook posts) by itself, simply by using the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

You will get dozens of pins designed for you in few seconds!

5. Tailwind Analytics

Best Pinterest analytics
Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort

With the latest upgrade of the App, Tailwind offers the most powerful Pinterest analytics tool available in the market. You can easily measure your Pinterest performance and analyze all your efforts without leaving Tailwind.

Tailwind analytics allows you to track followers and engagement trends for your repins and comments at the profile, board and individual pin level. Also, it helps you analyze vitality and fan engagement levels over time to ensure your pins are resonating.

Tailwind App Review: The Pricing

Price of Tailwind

There are two Tailwind plans, one for Pinterest and one for Instagram.

Pinterest Plus: 

  • Monthly ($14.99/month): Schedule up to 400 pins per month, profile and board metrics, website insights, pin inspector, SmartSchedule, interval pinning, 250 active SmartLoop posts, five Tailwind Communities, Tailwind Create, and 30 monthly Community submissions.
  • Annual ($119.88/year or $9.99/month): Schedule unlimited pins and everything on the monthly plan.

Instagram Plus

  • Monthly ($14.99/month): Schedule up to 400 posts per month, SmartSchedule,, Hashtag Finder, Schedule Stories, Caption Formatting, Comment Monitoring, and Post Inspector.
  • Annual ($119.88/year or $9.99/month): Schedule unlimited posts and everything on the monthly plan.

There are also custom plans for larger brands and agencies

The best way to start is with the Tailwind free trial, which gives you the ability to schedule your first 100 pins on Pinterest.

While these prices seem attractive, we don’t like the add-ons as they rapidly drive up the Tailwind cost. As some of the features are limited on the regular plan, you can buy upgrades. This can make using the tool quite pricey. The PowerUps, as Tailwind calls them, include:

Tailwind Create:

  • Create Starter ($7.49/month or $74.04/year): Create 30 pin designs per month, favorite up to 10 designs, one million free stock photos, 100s of basic design elements, and automatically apply branding.
  • Create Advanced ($14.99/month or $149/year): Create 100 pin designs per month, favorite up to 25 designs, five million premium stock photos, 10K+ premium design elements, upload custom fonts, and everything in the Create Starter plan.
  • Create Max ($29.99/month or $299/year): Create 300 pin designs per month, favorite unlimited designs, 20 million premium stock photos, 50K+ premium design elements, and everything in the Create Advanced plan.


  • SmartLoop Pro ($7.49/month or $59.88/year): 500 SmartLoop posts.
  • SmartLoop Max ($14.99/month or $119.88/year): 1,000 SmartLoop posts.
  • SmartLoop Elite ($29.99/month or $239.88/year): 2,500 SmartLoop posts.
  • SmartLoop Unlimited ($44.99/month or $359.88/year): Unlimited SmartLoop posts.

Tailwind Communities: 

  • Communities Pro ($7.49/month or $59.88/year): 10 Community memberships and 80 monthly submissions.
  • Communities Max ($14.99/month or $119.88/year): Unlimited Community memberships and 200 monthly submissions.
  • Communities Unlimited ($44.99/month or $359.88/year): Unlimited Community memberships and unlimited monthly submissions.

PowerUp Bundle: If you’re planning on using the Tailwind software with the SmartLoop and Communities add-ons, you may want to look at the PowerUp Bundle. For $39.98/month (or $479/year), you get the yearly Tailwind Plus Plan, SmartLoops Unlimited, and Communities Unlimited, saving you $360.

Tailwind App Review: How it can help your Pinterest marketing effort

Tailwind Review – Our Conclusion

Final conclusion

Tailwind is an excellent tool for any Pinterest or Instagram user. It helps create multiple posts at once, upload new content from various sources, and finds the best time to post. The Board Lists, SmartLoop, and Smart.Bio are unique features that help you increase your traffic, schedule pins faster, and measure your analytics. 

The only downside of the Tailwind marketing platform is its expensive upgrades. While the base plans are quite affordable, adding any PowerUps can make it a pricey solution.

Overall, the insights and features in Tailwind make it a unique Pinterest and Instagram marketing platform, giving you a complete toolkit that you can use for both social networks.

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